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Thursday, June 6, 2013


You may have heard the buzz surrounding the announcement of "Top Fan" Well, the moment is here! Top Fans are chosen by A website that hosts artists from around the globe and gives music fans a chance to listen to their favorite bands anytime they want! And not just listen, fans are able to communicate with the artists, share their music and aslo view or share the artist's RPK or EPK, which stands for electronic press kit. A tool commonly used by artist to entice venues to hire them. However, fans are able to view this information and pass it along to anyone they feel may be interested in booking their favorite band. Jason Greenlaw & The Groove is one of those artist that you can find on Reverbnation. Simply enter this url into your browser One of the perks of the reverbnation website is that it gives insight to the bands of who their top fans are by keeping up with that particular fan's activities on the band's website such as how many times a fans plays their songs that are conveniently located in the player on the band's page. It also keeps track of how many times fans share their favorite band's music not excluding commenting on photos or sharing their videos, etc. All in all, a pretty cool way to artists to know who's listening and sharing their music. For the month of May, this fan was Bobbi Jo Brabon. Congratulations Bobbi! On behalf of the Jason Greenlaw & The Groove and all of us here at Greenlaw Entertainment, we salute you! It's music lovers like you that make all the difference for music artists! In appreciation for your time and support Bobbi Jo, You will receive and autographed picture of the band in the mail. Along with a Demo CD that will contain tracks that will be featured on the band's upcoming album entitled "Capture The Light". That's right you get the first sneak peak into brand new music from Jason Greenlaw & The Groove. Last but not least Bobbi Jo, you will be featured in next week's blog! Yes, you get to interview with Greenlaw Entertainment Speaks and we are super excited and honored to have you as our first Top Fan Interview! Everyone, Greenlaw Entertainment Speaks presents Top Fan, Bobbi Jo Brabon

Fans and friends, be sure to find time to congratulate Bobbi Jo. And don't forget to visit Jason Greenlaw & The Groove on You never know, you could be their next TOP FAN! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. You can catch Jason Greenlaw & The Groove Live this Friday night at Hardrider Bar & Grill 6613 John Harden Rd Cabot, AR 72023 501-982-0444 or visit them on Facebook for more detail. Until the next time Greenlaw Entertainment Speaks,

Signing off,
Owen Kimble

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